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•Axis Powers Body Swap•


Germany is in Japan's body
Italy is in Germany's body
Japan is in Italy's body


-Germany opens his eyes and stretches, only to discover that he's not in his house, he's at Japan's-

Germany: What am I doing here? Was there a party or something? I don't remember...

-Germany walks past a mirror and looks at it in shock. His short blonde hair was now longer and black, his blue eyes were now dark brown. His height drastically changed.-


-Panicking, Germany throws on some clothes that he'd guess Japan would wear and runs out if Japan's house, dialing Italy's cell phone number as fast as he could.-

•Italy's POV•

-Italy's cell phone rings, stirring Italy out of sleep.-

Italy: Ciao, this is Italy!
Germany: Why do you sound like me?!
Italy: Why do you sound like Japan?!
Germany: That doesn't matter, I'll explain later. For now, don't leave the house! Call Japan and have him meet there!

-Germany hangs up, leaving Italy very confused.-

Italy: Now that I think about it, I AM at Germany's house...And I sound like him too..

-Italy looks in the mirror and discovers that he looks EXACTLY like Germany. His hair curl is gone, replaced with blonde hair. He's surprisingly taller and his eye color changed.-

Italy: I look like Germany....I LOOK LIKE GERMANY!! YAY! That gives me a chance to look at all of Germany's things!

-Italy then runs out if the bedroom and right into Prussia.-

Prussia: West, why are you running around the house so early?!
Italy: Ciao!! I mean, Bon Jour, uh...hi.
Prussia: West, what is going on? Why are you talking like that?

-Italy then thinks of something that Germany would say to Prussia.-

Italy: Weird? I'm not talking weird! Now  kiss my butt and make me orange juice!!

-Prussia then looks at Italy with a weird look and runs to the kitchen. Italy does a fist pump.-

Italy: I can't believe it worked!

•Japan's POV•

-Japan's phone rings, and to Japan's surprise, it's hard to wake up.-

Romano: Answer your phone, you retard..

-Japan sits up to see Romano next to him. He grabs his phone and runs out of the room.-

Japan: Konnichiwa.
Germany: Japan, is that you?
Japan: Mr. Germany, why do you sound like me? And why do I sound like Italy?!
Germany: I'll try to explain later, but please make your way to my house. That way we can talk things over.
Japan: Okay, I'll be right there.

-Japan hangs up and starts to take his shirt off. Romano looks at him, confused.-

Romano: What are doing so early?

-Japan blushes and turns around.-

Japan: Turn around!!
Romano: Whoa, okay, you don't have to yell! Anyway, why are you getting dressed so early?
Japan: Oh, I wanted to go to Germany's house and surprise him! Germany yay!
Romano:  Germany, huh? I'd better come with you, that guy's nothing but trouble!
Japan: No, that's okay!

-Japan rushes out of the house, and makes his way to Germany's-

•Italy's POV•

-Italy rushes to answer the door, which had been knocking for a few minutes.-

Italy: Ciao, Japan!
Germany: it's me, Germany, you dummkopf!
Italy: Oh, yeah, sorry Japan!
Germany: Oh stop it. Where's Japan?
Italy: Right in front of me!
Germany: Don't make me hurt you!

-Japan runs up the driveway.-

Japan: Sorry I'm late!
Germany: This is so weird.
Italy: Hey, it's me!!
Japan: I'm a little scared...
Germany: Okay, first of all, it seems like our bodies have been swapped. I'm trapped in Japan's body, Italy is stuck in mine, and Japan is stuck in Italy's.
Italy: I think I know the answer!
Japan: You do?
Italy: Yup! We should go see Britain! He's a wizard person! He'd know what to do.
Germany: Okay, if that's our only option, lets go!

-The Axis Powers make their way to Britain's house. Italy knocks on the door.-

Italy: I hope he's home.
Japan: Or awake, it's 6:30 AM.
Germany: Ssh, I hear someone.

-France opens the door. Italy opens his mouth to speak, but Germany placed a hand on Italy's mouth. Japan shakes his head.-

Japan: Ko- I mean, Ciao, France!
France: Hi there, Italy!

-France reaches over to pat Japan's head, and Japan has no choice but to let him. Germany shrugs his shoulders.-

Germany: Why are you here? Isn't this Britain's house? Is he awake?
France: Oh, no, I was watching him sleep for the past five hours. If you'd like, I'll go wake him.

-Japan makes a face as Italy giggles from behind Germany's hand. Germany nods.-

Germany: That would be nice, ari-uh-arigato?

-Japan gives Germany a nod and Germany responds with a grin. France goes in to wake Britain.  As the Axis Powers wait, they hear yelling, banging, and the sound of a window being smashed. Britain soon walks up to the door with messed up hair and bloodshot eyes.-

Britain: What do you wankers want?
Italy: We want to see the wizard!

-Germany then smacks Italy in the head.-

Britain: What's wrong with Germany, and since when is Japan so violent?
Germany: We'll explain if you'd let us in.

-Britain agrees to let them in and Germany explains everything.-

Britain: -points at Japan- That's Germany, -points at Germany- that's Italy, -points at Italy- and that's Japan? How on earth did this happen?
Germany: We were hoping you would know.
Britain: I can't say that I do, but come with me.

-Britain leads them to a dark room.-

Britain: This is where I practice my magic. Have a seat.
Germany: Why are you- Ow!!

-Britain inserts a large needle into Germany's arm, drawing blood. Britain then mumbles something, and the blood glows. A book opens and Britain nods.-

Japan: I can't help but ask what you're doing?
Britain: By taking some of his blood, I identified the magic used on you. Unfortunately it was Russia's witchcraft.
Britain: The good news is that I can use magic to reverse the spell.
Japan: That's a relief.

-Britain opens his book and flips through it. He nods at a page titled "Body Swap Reversal Spell."-

Italy: You have spells for everything!
Britain: Indeed I do. Now sit still.
Japan: That's impossible. Italy can't sit still for less than twenty seconds.
Italy: True!

-Britain then starts to chant some sort of magic spell, and the Axis Powers begin to glow.-

Britain: Oh, dear.
Germany: Why am I still Japan?!
Britain: I used the wrong type of reversal spell. This spell will work in about twenty four hours, sending you back to your own bodies.
Japan: Twenty four hours?! I can't be Italy for that long!
Britain: I do suggest that you three stick together, don't do anything the other person wouldn't do, and whatever you do, don't loose sight of Italy. I promise that the magic will work, and if it doesn't, come back.
Germany: Can't you reverse this spell and use a different spell?!
Britain: You can't reverse a reversal spell, sorry.
Germany: Well, this day can't be too bad, can it?

-Two hours later-
Japan: I can't believe that you locked Ita- I mean Germany in a closet, Japan.
Germany: I couldn't help it, Italy. Germany got way to drunk and hyper. So out of character of him.
Japan: V-ve I agree. This is so hard.
Germany: We've doing this improv for two hours, we can go the rest of the day.
Japan: Yeah, but we still have twenty two hours left to go! And what are we going to do about Italy?
Germany: He'll be fine. We gave him enough pasta to make him be quiet.
Japan: I feel bad. Anyway, Britain is the only one besides us who knows what happened to us. Would he tell the others?
Germany: Hold on, let me call him.

-Germany call Britain and they talk for a short five minutes. Japan takes notice of their conversation, but mostly Germany.-

Japan: Do I really talk like that?
Germany: Thanks, bye. Yes, Japan, you do talk rike this.
Japan: I didn't know how stupid I sounded until now.
Germany: It's not your fault that you talk like a dummkopf.
Japan: Excuse me while I sit in a corner for a while.
Germany: Now, it's not you, it's your accent. I use V's instead of W's if that makes you feel better. We all talk weird.

-Japan nods, and six hours pass.-

Germany: Japan, calm down!
Japan: Everywhere I go I have to talk to random people! It's not very comfortable for me!!
Germany: Well, having Italy in your body is probably the worst. He'll ruin my reputation.
Japan: Don't forget that Italy's still in the closet.
Italy: Nope!
Japan and Germany: HOW DID YOU GET OUT?!
Italy: Prussia let me out. I started yelling "Prussia, kiss my butt, make me orange juice and let me out!" And he did! Isn't Prussia a good friend?
Germany: I WILL KILL YOU!!
Japan: Please, keep calm! Sure, Prussia thinks Germany's mentally challenged now, but it's all in the past!
Germany: Prussia kissed my butt!!
Italy: No he didn't. He just looked at me funny. He did get the orange juice though.
Germany: We still need to talk later.
Italy: Aww.

-Six more hours pass.-
Germany: This is driving me nuts. Seeing myself eat pasta...gross.

-Italy spits out his food and looks at Germany with a disgusted look on his face.-

Japan: Please talk when your mouth isn't full of food.
Italy: Sorry Japan.
Germany: I'm dying.
Japan: We still have ten hours left.
Italy: That's not too long! We can eat and go to bed.
Japan: WE already ate. We've been sitting here for the last ten minutes watching you stuff your face like America.
Italy: It's not my fault pasta is God's gift to the world!
Germany: Pasta was YOUR gift to the world.
Italy: Your welcome.

-Meanwhile, the Allied Forces hold a meeting, and Britain can't stop laughing.-

America: You've been laughing this whole time! What is so funny?
Britain: Those Axis guys are real blokes.
France: They always are. Did you not realize it until now?
Britain: That's not what I'm getting at, stupid. I meant that they fell for it.
China: Fell for what?
Britain: My scheme. I used my magic to swap their bodies.
France: So that's why they were acting strange. That was all you?
Britain: Uh huh. I told them it was Russia's "witchcraft".
Russia: Hey, I'm not magical like you.
Britain: They fell for that too.
America: Nice!! Britain, you're a genius!
Britain: Aren't I?

-And so, the Axis Powers went on with their day, Britain told them everything, Germany put Britain in a hospital and Japan felt retarded for the rest of the week.-

I had this on my mind for a while.

So the past couple of days, I wasn't feeling well, and I was throwing up, so I let myself write a Hetalia story out of boredom.
I know that there are similar stories like this, but OH WELL.

If you don't like it, GTFO. There is a plot twist at the end.

~Mr. Chair.
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ToLovePasta Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015
Man, I laughed hard! Great Story, I LOVE it!
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I know the plot twist lols, and Japan felt retarded for the way he spoke and Germany did that cuz of his violence
FlashwingDragoness Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do u like pewdiepie, just looking at your username....
FlashwingDragoness Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER. but would Russia be a girl? I love this story, silly britain, and Italy was eating like America! HILARIOUS.... thou you could of added Australia...
kiki951 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I laugh so hard in this!!!
:iconitalyplz: We want to see the wizard!!!!!
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I'm glad you liked it! :iconimhappyplz:
kiki951 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Me too
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omg I laughed harder than I should have
I will probably live like 8 ears longer now.
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I'm glad you liked it! ^^
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This makes so happy, I haven't laughed this hard in a longgggg time XD
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Glad you liked it :3
shadow54379 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Student Artist
This is hilarious. XD
chaosgirl13 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Student General Artist
I take it that you are still somewhat ill, or you're on vacation early.
Also,remember how one of your goldfish was a bit plump? If it is a girl, maybe you could try to breed them. I had a bunch of guppies, and one was kind of fat, and a month later, we found a bunch of little babie swimming around.[link]
If you're thinking about breeding,this might help.
I wanted to sell a few guppies so our tank wasn't full of them to the local pet store, but mom said no.
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